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Executive Pension Plans for Non-Connected Employees

TT Actuarial has created the Executive or Key-man Individual Pension Plan (“EKIPP”) in order to help corporations reward key employees and high-earning senior executives with a means of sheltering much greater amounts of tax deferred income for retirement.

Using our experience with the intricacies of pension structure we have created a unique and personalized executive compensation plan that is the ultimate benefit to offer to your high-earning or key employees.

Whether the goal is talent retention, acquisition or reward, the EKIPP will help your employee save more tax deferred income in a manner that will allow a retirement income commensurate with their current level of remuneration.

Our plans use a multi-faceted structure that maximizes allowable deferrals while mitigating risk to the sponsoring corporation.

These plans are suitable for all manner of corporations, including limited liability corporations, partnerships and publicly traded companies.

  • Non-connected person’s individual pension plan with mitigated risk to corporation
  • Consultation and projections with modeling
  • Consulting to corporate senior management and compensation committee
  • Plan design and registration
  • Trustee and board agreements
  • Administration and yearly compliance filings
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (“SERP”)
  • Retirement Compensation Arrangement (“RCA”)