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Pension Plans for Incorporated Professionals

A retirement savings program designed specifically for incorporated professionals.

An incorporated professional (Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Accountants, etc.) may convert a tax deferred savings plan (RRSP, Individual Pension Plan, etc.) from a “retail” to a “wholesale” environment there by lowering fees and maximizing fund development.

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TT Actuarial’s Pension Plan for Incorporated Professionals may be set-up as a defined contribution or defined benefit plan delivering higher contribution amounts and greater savings than an RRSP. But there are other advantages to the incorporated professional than larger contributions:

  • Invest the fund with top pension fund managers at institutional rates
  • Assets of each plan are held separately via a custodial arrangement

The Pension Plan for Incorporated Professionals was developed by the Actuaries at TT Actuarial to incorporate features that high net worth individuals need in a tax deferred savings plan. If you or your client have an RRSP or an Individual Pension Plan with assets in excess of $500,000 and a stable cash flow you should speak with the experts at TT Actuarial.