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Melanie Lowes


Melanie Lowes is the Manager, Pension Services at TT Actuarial Inc.

Melanie has over twenty years of experience in the pension administration and pension consulting field, bringing expertise with various types of pension plans to TT Actuarial Inc. She has extensive experience with defined benefits plans, defined contribution plans and many plan designs including multi-employer, unionized and non-unionized plans and Individual Pension Plans (IPPs).

Following the attainment of a B.A. in psychology, Melanie pursued a career in human resources, where she decided to specialize in the pension and benefits area. Melanie’s background in the pension and benefits/HR field was an asset as she eventually transitioned to working in client services in the pension administration and consulting field. In 2011 Melanie obtained the Retirement Plans Associate (RPA) designation, a component of the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBs) Program.

Melanie oversees all pension administration functions at TT Actuarial Inc., and her experience and expertise are called upon to provide consulting services and assist clients with implementing progressive pension solutions.

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